The Artisan Food Factory

Building 7,

Delta Business Park,

Ballysimon Road,


061 513246

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Our Story Our definition of Artisan is rooted in "culture & nature" rather than the more diluted versions being bandied about these days. We focus on where our ingredients come from & how our products are The authentic meaning and application of Artisan alludes to a simpler time when people took pride in their craft rather than the mass produced foods from big companies attempting to ride the wave of the Artisan movement. We are a group of Chefs who really know our food. We know what tastes good & our products are special & unique. After years of planning, dreaming, planning some more & eventually building we opened the Artisan Food Factory in May 2013. Having worked in all aspects of the foodie world for longer than we care to remember, we have brought generations of experience and dedication to carefully sourcing the very best ingredients. The contradiction in our name Artisan Food “Factory” is deliberate as that’s infact what we are. Here in our state of the art facility we make a range of products from decadent pastries to fresh soups & hand formed breads without loosing any of the traditions associated with hand crafted products. We were born out of a passion & some might say obsession for Real Food. We understand the true essence of Artisan. Our products are made with minimum gadgets & only the finest As Masterchefs we have served our time mastering the artisan process & never stop tweaking & looking for ways to improve. Our product range is constantly evolving so if you would like something in particular, ask us!! We welcome feedback on our products, please let us know what you think through our website